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Users List

Welcome to the Users List!

What is this?

The users list, as the name implies, displays a list of users. You can display this list in a variety of ways, showing users who are online, or sorted by a certain statistics, or who have added you to their Pal Pad, and many other way as well. Show more…

What do I do here?

The most important use of the users list is for "mass-clicking" other users. What this entails is, essentially, warming the eggs and feeding berries to the Pokémon other users have in their parties. Doing so helps their eggs and Pokémon mature, and also awards you with points that you can spend in the shop. Plus, users you interact with will often interact back with your Pokémon and eggs, thereby making them mature faster as well!
Generally speaking, the easiest way to interact with other users is using the Berry Feeder. It'll fetch a set number of Pokémon and/or eggs off the page, and display them to you one-at-a-time, for you to interact with. Alternatively, you can open each of these Pokémon and eggs in separate windows/tabs and cycle through them yourself.
A good place to start is interacting with users who "are currently online". Once you've done a bunch of these, don't forget to switch to the users who "have interacted with me today" and return the favour to them!

Tip: While interacting with Pokémon, you can use the keys 1-5 (but not the num pad) to feed the berry in that position, and for eggs, any of the five will warm it. The space bar may also be used in place of the 5 key.
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