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Journal last updated: Thursday, March 24th 2016 at 2:57 PM
1/18/2016: Well, decided to get Landorus yesterday, cause it was a hard decision giving the poor people clean water or a good harvest. I decided that since Landorus is the boss of the genie trio, he should be able to deal with the other problems too to some degree. If not, at least my character's mom in the story could bring fresh water. Getting a good harvest is more difficult.

1/26/2016: I apologize for not writing anything for a long time here. Anyways, trying to lose a VS Seeker battle with Pidgeotto for the Exploration "A Ripple in Time". Also, if Pidgeotto still wins even in a Thunderstorm, I dunno how I can lose a VS Seeker battle with her...

1/29/2016: Well, got past the losing part some time ago, along with some easy tasks. Now comes the annoying quest Pokemon Berry Feeding-type task...

2/3/2016: Well, hatched my first Shiny yesterday! And from a fossil summon I didn't have an entry for in my Dex before too! Wasn't even trying! ^^

3/24/2016: I'm running out of time for my Legendary Exploration! Everyone please hurry! Help me raise my Venusaur and Blastoise reach level 100! I have a guess what the last task is, and it should be easy if I'm right on my guess.
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