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Journal last updated: Tuesday, December 18th 2012 at 2:26 PM


Trinket wants
Shiny Flareon Plushie
Shiny Jolteon Plushie
Flareon Plushie
Vaporeon Plushie

Shiny wants


Sorry for not much clicking playing pokemon black

one clickers please click the first egg

Moderator of the The Clicking Coalition

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I'm part of The Breeding Aristocracy v2

1 click = 0 click back
2 clicks= 1 click back
3 clicks=2 cilcks
4 clicks= 3 clicks
5 clicks= 4 clicks
6=full party

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Looking for

Eevee [x]
Pidgey [x]
Nidoran Female [x] Male [x]
Vulpix [x]
Ponyta [x]
Crystal onix [x]
Easter Buneary [x]
Cubone [x]
Scyther [x]
Tauros [x]
Dratini [x]
Cyndaquil [x]
Torchic [x]
Bagon [x]
Turtwig [x]
Piplup [x]
Buizel [x]
Pachirisu [x]
Gible [x]
Munchlax [x]
Riolu [x]

Slime Slugma [x]
Shiny Female Zergoose []
Clone squirtle [x]
Shaymin [x]
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