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Journal last updated: Monday, July 4th 2011 at 3:59 PM
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Thanks everyone for clicking me while I was away!
I am trying to get on here a little more now, but I apologize if I don't get a chance to click you back.

I licked a Master Ball and was instantly caught.
*Member of The Shimmering Competiton*

I have no clicking policy, I think they're dumb.
So welcome to my Party ^^
I usually click in the afternoon, and late night before the reset.
I always click my Pal Pad, and the people who have added me to their Pal Pad, so add me for daily clicks :)
I usually click people who have a pokemon that I've bred in their party too :)

I breed all of my multiple Novelties, and release my Legendaries I have extras of.
If I get 3 of any novelty, I will release it.
*Except Dracowymsy*
Check my Breeding Box/Daycare to see my pairs.

------Shiny Hunts!------
Zorua and Ducklet
Of course, when I am hunting them all the eggs disapear!
*Random Shiny Panpour on July 1st 2011 = Epic
*Random Shiny Chimchar on January 9th 2011 = Epic

I am currently trying to get my egg dex a little fuller so that I can actually get the next Legendary I summon, I've lost 3 thus far *fail*

Thanks for the clicks!

(click the people in my pal pad too, they'll usually click back and they're awesome)

xxQuatrieme has no recent activity.

I'm already a user - log me in! I don't have an account - I'd like to register!