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Ranking: 6,645
Joined: Fri. May. 10/13
Last seen: Sat. Dec. 15/18 (Mobile)
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From: United Kingdom
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      —Shiny Lucario

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xEquilibrium's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, November 19th 2015 at 7:12 AM
Began Shiny Riolu Hunt - 17/6/13 Completed 19/8/13 Completed Again 19/8/13 After Hatching The Last Random Riolu Egg In My Party
Obtained Shiny Rotom From Shelter 20/8/13
Heatran Obtained 17/8/13 again on 21/9/12
Palkia Obtained 18/8/13
Giratina Obtained 18/8/13
Obtained Ditto 19/8/13
Obtained Unknown T 19/8/13
Found Unknown X in the Shelter 21/8/13
Began Shiny Skitty Hunt 15/9/13
Found Latias in the Shelter 16/9/13
Found Splash Chikorita egg in the Shelter 20/9/13 Found again on 22/9/12
Found Manaphy in Shelter 22/9/12
Found three MissingNo. in Shelter 23/9/13 again on 24/9/13
Found two Pokii in the shelter 23/9/13
Found Remorage in the shelter 24/9/13
Found Festive Makuhita in the shelter 25/9/13
Found Icy Horsea in the shelter 25/9/13
Obtained Reshiram 27/9/13
Found 2 Fossil Sheildon in the shelter 28/9/13
Found Deoxys in the shelter 30/9/13
Found Rayquaza in the Shelter 03/10/13
Found Magma Totodile in the Shelter 07/10/13 again on 14/10/13
Got Articuno Egg 07/10/13
Found Lugia in Shelter 13/10/13
Found Unknown "S" in Shelter 14/10/13
Found Pudgey Pidgey in Shelter 14/10/13
Found Shaymin and Kyogue in the Lab 16/10/13
Obtained Lugia and Corrupted it 21/10/13
Found Cresselia and Zombidoffo In shelter 25/10/13
Found Deibot in the shelter 11/5/14
Found Uxie in the shelter 19/11/15
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