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wenganator's Profile

Journal last updated: Tuesday, May 25th 2010 at 7:08 PM
Currently: HIATUS; mostly Palpad clicking only
Does anyone even bother to read journals anymore?
I went into the Shop and found a Shiny Stone on the ground...hope that doesn't count as shoplifting! XD
If I don't click you back, school probably got in the way. DX

---Clicking Policies---
If I see you before the reset, I ALWAYS click back!
My clicking policy:
1 click from you = 1 click from me
2 clicks = 2 clicks
3 or more clicks = full party
**full party click from you = full party click from me**

I usually abide to this policy, unless I'm feeling generous (which happens when I'm mass clicking).

I only repay one-clickers with one click, though, unless I'm feeling generous.
One-clickers, please click the first slot. IF I ONE CLICK YOU, I ONLY EXPECT YOU TO CLICK MY FIRST SLOT.
*I always feed the right berries (not that it matters) P:

Add me as a friend if you want to! I always start clicking with my PalPad.
*If I see that you've added me, I will probably add you also, and click you a few days to see how active/how much you click. If I think you're half-decent, I'll keep you on my Pad.

I licked a Magikarp and now I'm pathetic; I licked a Gyrados and now I'm dead
(see my GTS sig for more I licked a_ jokes)

I'm breeding: Creeper Bunnies

My time is the server time.

Uncompleted Goals:
All starters (all evolutions) [33/36]
100 Lv. 100s [22/100]
4 Shinies [2/4] <- Shinies seem to enjoy evading me

---Notable Events---*For a complete list, see my GTS sig.
03/30/10 - Broke 25K total interactions!
03/07/10 - Bought Silph Scope!
03/06/10 - New record - 2183!
02/27/10 - New record - 1007!
02/15/10 - New daily interaction record - 823!
01/31/10 - Successful summon with Lunar Wing
01/07/10 - Second Shiny - A Lab Minun!
01/02/10 - First Legendary Summon (successful) - Palkia
01/01/10 - First Shiny - A Lab Tangela!
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