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Journal last updated: Saturday, April 13th 2013 at 9:58 PM

bmgf: Reader
YouTube: happyazn4now
gaia: unwrittenazn
(there are more I think...)

STATUS: Sorry, I haven't been clicking for a while... T_T
OMG! This site is changing so much since the last time I logged in. Also, I can finally MASS-CLICK!


I'll click your eggs/pokemon. I sometimes click random eggs/pokemon. I love clicking people who adopted my daycare eggs! Even though, I will click you ASAP. You can click me or I'll click you first. I usually full-party click!!!!!! Please click me often and I'll click you!!!!! YOU DON'T REALLY NEED TO CLICK ME BACK, YOU KNOW!!!! I can only click a limited amount of users until I get tired... I won't click eggs that need to be hatched. I advise you to not click me like 5-10 minutes before reset time on weekends because...

I'm Berry Smart

Server Time - 3 hours = My Time (West Coast of USA)
If I added you, it must be that either I know you, I'd seen you around the forums and other ones too, you always click back to me full-party, or I felt like adding you.

Goals: Badges and more points to get more account updates!

Highest Number of Clicks Ever for me in one day: 2/8/10--- 800-something! (that day was a pupil-free day...)

Thank you for reading this and clicking!!!!!!!!!!!! ^3^
weirdazn has no recent activity.

I'm already a user - log me in! I don't have an account - I'd like to register!