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Journal last updated: Saturday, February 6th 2010 at 2:43 PM
Proud member of the 1/6 league

For every click on one of my Eggs/Pokemon i'll click on all of yours, but for the points, please click on all of mine!!

One clickers get Ivysaur!!!

I'm at the same time of the server so if your behind or ahead of the server you may not get a click back for a couple of hours.

Go to college, get a Quantum Physics Degree,
Oh, wait, that's not what i'm supposed to put here!!!!!!
Legendaries [0/33]
Shiny [0/493]
Novelty [0/10?]
Normal Pokedex order [1/493]
7,000 clicks by Feb 16th [2/030/7,000] (Updated at the end of every day)

Be sure to click WaterUser, Stormrider, psaumkpukrian, Blazaking, 1337R34P3R, AiedailEclipsed, Shiay, and Swampert Rox, I know them on another forum and they don't bite.
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