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    Journal last updated: Sunday, June 17th 2018 at 4:08 PM
    If anyone cares, my gpxplus customized skins are: Main-aliceblue, text & border-midnightblue, Background-steelblue, logo & eggshell-dodgerblue, and eggspots-deepskyblue (this is mostly for myself)

    Legendaries Needed:
    Uxie, Volcanion, Tapus Lele and Bulu

    Novelties Needed:
    All the Furfrous, Miniors Green Red Violet and Yellow, Sheared Mareep, Ancient Alakazam, All Acreus'

    Shinies Wanted:
    Mew (yeah, right), Suicune (haha), Easter Buneary, Valentacool, Winter Vulpix, Flaming Zorua

    Notes to self:
    Scyther, Umbreon?, Dragonair, Raichu, Clefairy, Machop, Vulpix, Fearow, Haunter, Ivysaur, Dugtrio, Articuno, Eevee, Golbat, Abra & Mew/two, Kabutops, Magneton, Gyarados

    Scizor, Murkrow, Kingdra, Ampharos, Cleffa, Tyrogue, Houndoom, Togetic, Misdreavus, Bayleaf, Larvitar, Sneasel, Furret, Crobat, Girafarig, Sudowoodo, Skarmory, Suicune

    Ninjask or Shedinja, Absol, Rayquazza, Minun/Plusle, Gardevoir, Hariyama, Torcoal, Swellow, Sableye, Tropius, Flygon, Walrein, Kecleon, Seviper, Deoxys, Armaldo, Jirachi, Relicanth

    Combee?, Darkrai or Weavile, Giratina, Luxray, Togekiss, Lucario, Infernape, Chatot, Drifloon, Leafeon, Garchomp, Froslass, Buneary, Roserade, Gallade, Bonsly, Dialga, Floatzel

    Leavanny, Zoroark, Axew, Galvantula, Cottonee, Meinshao or Keldeo, Tepig, Archeops, Golurk, Serperior, Krookodile, Kyurem, Audino, Garbodor, Victini, Tirtouga, Bisharp, Dewott

    Scatterbug, Inkay, Goomy, Heleolisk, Pangoro, Spritzee, Talonflame, Noibat, Pumpkaboo, Chespin, Diggersby, Amaura, Litleo, Skrelp, Espurr, Tyrunt, Honedge, Froakie
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