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tunduli's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, January 9th 2011 at 11:25 AM
PLEASE NOTE :: I'm 5 hours ahead of Server time, which means sometimes I can't click. Sorry~! D':

P e e k a b o o . c :

Hey, I'm Tunduli, but you can call me Tun. I like people who read journals, and I always read them, too. XD I like spriting, singing, playing ukulele, drawing ... oh, also OK Go. I love me some Damian Kulash |O
My first evar Pogeyman game was PokeMon Blue (oldschool yo), where I had my beloved Sploosh the Blastoise <3

C l i c k z o r z ! O : <

I'm not too bothered about clicks. If it says I haven't repayed the favour, I open up the tabs with the "Open Pokemon!" button and click them until I can't click no moar. c:
Add me to your palpad and get free near-everyday clicks! :'D

G o a l s

Get a shiny [x]
- Koaruhii [x]
- Kecleon [ ]
Get a legendary [x]
Get a Novelty [x]
Jirachi [ ]
Raise Butters (Butterfree) to Lv.100 [x]

G o n e . H u n t i n g . O :

Obtained: 20
Hatched: 18
Started 19/12/10

Love Sutoraipuaka and Akasutorapu (translates to 'stripe red' and 'red stripe'), the first two to be obtained/hatched <3

< I n s e r t . G o o d . T i t l e . H e r e >

Not the shiny I've been hunting for, but it's a doggammed shiny! O:
*huggles Tsuyuri the shiny Koaruhii <3*
And it was one that I bred, too! :'DD

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