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Journal last updated: Sunday, January 6th 2019 at 8:21 PM
Thanks for clicking my eggs/pokemon!

Current Quest: Complete National Pokedex with all pokemon at level 100.
-Kanto Dex Complete!
-Johto Dex Complete!
-Hoenn Dex - Complete!
-Sinnoh Dex - Complete!
-Unova Dex - 5 more to go

I tend to do mass clicking and don't usually look at berries I am clicking in attempt to speed up the process. I do, however, click the correct berries to people who have added me to their pal pad, so add me if you want clicks!

Goal after dex completed: complete shiny pokemon dex.

One clickers please click my first pokemon/egg. (Are there even one clickers anymore?? Keeping for nostalgia purposes..)

Current college student studying engineering so my free time varies drastically. I try to go on once a day, but college is rough (definitely a lot less than once a day now...).
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