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Journal last updated: Tuesday, April 6th 2010 at 3:03 PM
Shiro's Journal
Notes to others:

I seldom click-back due to lack of time, but don't be discouraged. I always click full parties and on the right berry and what-not. So yeah, I'm not all that bad. I think...
Stuff that was memorable:

Pikachu (Chu Chu) infected with Pokerus - 1/3/10
Obtained Giratina Egg - 10/29/09
Obtained Pokii Egg - 1/28/10
Hatched Giratina Egg (Platinum) - 2/19/10
Obtained Blue Orb- 2/19/10
Obtained Kyogre Egg - 2/20/10 (Took me a while until I knew how to use a summoning item)
Obtained 1st level 100 Pokemon (Chu Chu) - 3/5/10
Hatched Pokii Egg - 4/1/10
Hatched Kyogre Egg (Sapphire) - 4/6/10
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