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thisnerdtho's Profile

Journal last updated: Wednesday, September 8th 2021 at 9:17 PM
Hello hello!
Hey there, I'm Amy and welcome to my profile!
Stop in, warm my eggs, and let me know if I can help you with anything.
Send me a message if you'd like to shiny race or trade trinkets.
If there's space on my pal pad, I'd be happy to help with SN as well!

Highest Ranking: 1394
Social Network: Completed! Thank you!
Trinkets: 3421/4169

Currently Hunting

Completed Shinies
Rufflet, Starly, Sawk, Hoppip, Geodude, Litwick (x2),
Shuppet, Abra, Caterpie, Bruxish, Weedle, Pichu (x2),
Wurmple (x2), Dewpider, Woobat, Scatterbug, Hoothoot,
Pyukumuku, Togepi (x2), Zigzagoon, Grubbin, Zubat,
Sandygast, Cleffa (x3), Zangoose, Igglybuff (x3), Rattata (x2),
Munna (x2), Spinarak, Sewaddle, Phantump, Burmy [Ground],
Type: Null, Pachirisu, Sobble, Mareep, Alolan Vulpix, Stufful,
Azurill, Drifloon, Morpeko, Surskit, Magikarp (Pink) (x2),
Audino, Skitty, Happiny, Fomantis, Spoink, Togedemaru,
Croagunk, Klink, Ralts, Pidgey, Chatot, Bounsweet, Roggenrola,
Dracowymsy, Gossifleur, Wingull, Seedot, Galarian Darumaka,
Murkrow, Carbink, Pumpkaboo, Beeark, Eevee, Galarian Corsola,
Galarian Zigzagoon, Applin (x2), Burmy [Grass], Swablu,
Zorua, Rookidee, Wooloo, Cherubi, Snom (x2), Vanillite, Cubchoo,
Venonat, Nickit, Galarian Ponyta

I was devilarogirl but I changed it to match discord
which btw you should join
thisnerdtho has no recent activity.

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