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Journal last updated: Tuesday, February 9th 2016 at 2:53 PM
swearing is bad. so don't do it kids or u'll be addicted to cocai- um, coconut oil. (this is 100% tru.)


Cherubi - Cherrim (Random egg hatched)
Vulpix - Ninetails (Random egg hatched)
Mareep - Ampharos (Shiny-hunt)
Chikorita - Meganium (SWSH)
Caterpie - Butterfree(SWSH)
Gothitelle (Random shelter grab)
Litwick - Chandelure (Shiny-hunt)
Azurill - Marill (SWSH)
Mudkip (Shiny-hunt)
Goodra (Random shelter grab)
Bulbasaur - Venusaur (Shiny-hunt)
W. Flabebe (SWSH)
R. Flabebe (SWSH)
O. Flabebe (SWSH)
Swirlix - Slurpuff (Shiny-hunt)

Currently Shiny-hunting:

Winter Vulpix
B. Flabebe
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