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 the Crow

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the Crow's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, January 24th 2011 at 12:31 PM
Status: Look the Pokéball! :3
Time: 3 hours ahead the server

Click the first Pokémon to receive clicks!
Want to add me in your Pal Pad? Welcome then!
To do:
- Level my Party Pokémon to lv100
Done: Groadr

Most wanteds:
- Charizard (Rizaadon)
- Grovyle (Jyuputoru)
- Pikachu (Pikacyuu)
- Feraligatr (Oodairu)
- Houndoom (Herugaa)
- Eevee (Iibui)
- Arcanine (Uindi)
- Absol (Abusoru)
- Suicune (Suikun) X2
- Lugia (Rugia) X2

Clicks sequence:
Me > PP Friends > Clickers*
(*Who clicked the right thing)

Eggs from Daycare will be send to Shelter!
If you want a Pokémon that I have, PM me and I'll breed it!

Notes? (Rewrite in each month)
Jan. 2nd - Completed my 1st exploration
Jan. 3rd - Izaya found a claw fossil :3
Jan. 4th - Hitokage found skull fossil.
Jan. 8th - Hatched a Shiny Baoppu
Jan. 16th - Squall reached lv100
Jan. 23th - Proteus is lv100

The "About Me" Stuff:
Name: Rafael
Type: Nekoboy M
Nature: Naive (Loves sweet things)
Level: 17
Happiness: 200
Found at: Brazil
Owner: No one. Any applicant? ;D

Rafael is a Otaku guy that people call Rafa. His english is a damn thing but he likes it at any way...
This strange creature is too stupid and is usually distracted with some kind of strange thing. He's also vicied in RPGs like Kingdom Hearts Series and other Square Enix creations.
He may give you a free hug too, if you want.
To end it, He loves you dear curious person <3
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