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 super skarmory

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super skarmory's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, March 11th 2012 at 2:20 AM
First time I do this in two years and I get two shinies in minutes.

Hi, what you're looking at is an old account I used to use for the fun of it. All information beyond this paragraph is outdated. At one point in time I was one of the top 300 users on this site but alas, I've moved on, it was fun while it lasted. I was from the day when you had to actually had to come up with methods to mass click and find tools to do so. I was from the day when most of the all of these new things never existed. For a place that wasted so much of my time, it was oddly fun...

About Me
Known on You Tube as Super Skarmory the Walkthrough Wizard with over 50,000 subscribers. Best known for my Pokemon, Mario, and Castlevania walkthroughs. Recently opened a new Pokemon website, however construction on it is halted for preparation of my HG and SS walkthrough. Found this place from people on my old forums before they were hacked, figured it would be a decent place to have a little fun. If you want to reach me, PM me on YouTube or my website.

Clicking Policy
I do mass click bout once a week. When I do click/back, I click full parties regardless of the clicks I receive (unless errors), If I DID NOT click your full party, I'm probably clicking eggs and berries separately and I will get your full party eventually. I don't always click back those who add me, I try to click my pal pad when possible. If I click you first, I'm probably mass clicking, I'll click your party changes, I'd appreciate you doing the same. Unless no school, I'm gone 10 P.M. site time, probably earlier.

Daily Clicks 25,494 on 5/29 (#7 that day)
Proper Feeds 3,844 on 5/9 (#2 that day)
Released Pokemon 224 on 5/6 (#2 that day)
I've been #1 at 3:00 A.M. Server Time on various daily stats several times.

First 300 Master Clickers
155th GPX Master Trainer

Novelty Breeding
Easter Bunearys Bred - 2
Pudding - 9
Zergoose - 6

Successful Shiny Hunts
Skarmory 47
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