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Journal last updated: Saturday, July 7th 2018 at 1:37 AM
Thanks for stopping by to see my party! PM me for SN adds - I'm at 12/75 at the moment myself.

One clickers, please click one of my eggs OR any Happiny/Chansey OR any Wild Pokémon - thanks!

I TRY to give clickbacks whenever possible, however I don't always get around to it. I also try hard to always feed the correct berry.

Aspear = sour
Cheri = spicy
Chesto = dry
Pecha = sweet
Rawst = bitter

Current Goals:
To get a shiny Ponyta/Rapidash and shiny Houndour/Houndoom.
To get both forms of level 20 Nincada:
[ ] Ninjask
[ ] Shedinja

Completed goals:
-Got all three forms of Tyrogue!
[X] Hitmonlee
[X] Hitmonchan
[X] Hitmontop

-Got all Eeveelutions!
[X] Vaporeon
[X] Jolteon
[X] Flareon
[X] Espeon
[X] Umbreon
[X] Leafeon
[X] Glaceon
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