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Journal last updated: Monday, November 25th 2013 at 10:05 AM
STATUS: Online!!

Hello everbody!
I will try as hard as possible to click a lot of people's Pokemon. If you're wondering about my Chimecho, it was one of the first Pokemon I levelled up to level 100 (both here and in-game) so he's been on my page since 2009. Good times!

Current News
What's with the Shelter? Yesterday I found a Heatran, today I found a Ho-oh!
YES! Finally, a Ditto from the lab!
Secret Santa; sent my Zapdos, got an Arcticuno. Great! :D
Yeah, trying to complete the Kanto dex. Bad luck then, that I'm on Nidoran, and the back room to the shop is shut so I can't buy any Moon Stones.
Just learnt that my daycare egg helped someone finish their shiny Spoink hunt. Glad to help!
Just finished the site wide shiny hunt with my third ever shiny; a Bidoof!
HOORAY! I got a token for a free egg for finishing the shiny hunt; my first ever one!
Just got an egg using the token; can't wait to see what hatches!
Oh my! Finally, a shiny Spoink after all this time!
Ahh... summoned Ho-oh but didn't find its egg. Hope whoever got it takes good care of it!
Corrupted a Pidgey egg! I'm looking forward to seeing the result...!

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