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    Journal last updated: Monday, August 29th 2011 at 2:53 AM
    Starting a Nuzlocke Challenge for Platinum.

    Rulez: 1-You may only catch the first pokemon you encounter in an area and no others.
    2-You must release any pokemon that "faint" They are deadz.
    3-No potions or healing items may be used. You may only heal at a pokemon center.
    4-Battle style is "set"
    5-No using Legendary pokemon.
    6-No hold items.
    7-Each pokemon gets it own unique nickname.

    8-If I encounter a shiny pokemon, all other rules are out the window, lol. Too rare to pass up.

    Team: Grotle - Mr. Bush
    Staravia - Birdo
    Gyrados - Mr. Fish
    Buneary - Hopper (not sure if I'm gonna keep up with the bunny)

    Released : Psyduck - RubberDuck (poor guy got eaten by a big ugly kitty)
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