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Journal last updated: Wednesday, December 29th 2010 at 11:09 AM
i live in israel,my time zone is 02 GTM

6,10,2009-yeah man!the first bred zergoose is alive!now i can breed zergooses :D:D

amm,i am shaked from unifaction and unicreatures,for who is looking for memebers from there =]=]

23,5,2009- got first missango egg!little man from GSC under notes!
breeding only water starters(with water starter or cute pokemon)
21,7,2009-OMG !got event mew egg!lol,i thought that someone has entered to my account and grab chiglipuff egg or something :P:P
18,8,2009-WTF?there was zergoose event?i was in vocation(italy) from 18 to 26 of august....got event zergoose egg if so....
4,10,2009-yay,hatched shiny totodile only after 6 eggs :P:P
5,10,2009-yay,got event raiko egg:D:D
17,10,2009-thanx you xxFrozenFlower!now i have my first easter buneary!dont worry you will get yours soon!
22,11,2009-yay :D:D got event celebi :D:D

1. get female water startes,i know it is 25%.
2. get jirachi EDIT:oH my gosh,saw the event theard,i wish i will get one of the jirachies on 11 to september...."if the dream will come true...."

please click my brother pokemon too: gpxplus .net/user/barak

hunt for shiny totodile,hatched already 6 egg.(this not include the other totodiles that i hatched for getting female one XDXD)

oh my goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh!!!!
got shiny totodile only after 7 eggs! yay me :D:D

i got:
1 dawn stone,2 fire stone,3 leaf stone,1 moon stone,1 oval stone,2 shiny stone,2 sun stone,1 protector,1 deepseascale,1 metal coat,2 star piece,1 thunderstone

22nd november 2009 3:43 pm last update? xD
well 1st december 2010 , shiny hunt for zergoose, already hatched 5 zergooses.
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