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Journal last updated: Sunday, January 3rd 2010 at 7:30 AM
One-clickers are ignored. I always click whole parties whenever possible.


Nothing major at the moment


Lab Wishlist
* Legendaries (Rayquaza!)
* Lunatone
* Vulpix
* Charmander
* Kangaskhan
* Miltank
* Aerodactyl
* Porygon
* Piplup
* Phione
* Stantler

Shelter Wishlish
* Rayquaza
* Clone Charmander
* Clone Bulbasaur
* Clone Squirtle
* Crystal Onix
* Zergoose
* Dracowymsy


Enginerd behind the Laptop
* Finnish
* she
* 20 (man she's OLD!)
* loves website making, rolepaying, WoW and drawing
* lives with her parents and two dogs
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