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psydemo's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, October 14th 2012 at 11:45 PM
(March 28th 2010) (im 15 now... just wanna keep this old journal as a memory of hateful days.....)

/ 37,500

ello! im psydemo... psychic demon in other words.. (long story..)

Hi! i like eevee... =o.o=

Owner: foopets (if u own 1, may i be ure friend?)
Location: home/Canada (YES! where the maple syrup peoples live! x3)
Type: dudette/gal
Nature: relaxed (Likes sour food) =P (i know it dosent sound like it but i appreciate my sleep...)
Status: ... computering.../clicking.... (searching for shiny eevees)
Level: 14
Maturity: 5412 days / year 2012(end of the world!) x.x
Happiness: 400

if u click on my team i will be sure to click all of ures back!
(if i miss u, u can pm me... i dont mind.)
and if ure a 1 clicker, click on my first egg! pweety pweez....

i speaky french too...


-eevee/Lily[X] -shiny/[]
-vaporeon/Ocean[X] -shiny/Draco []
-jolteon/Zappy[X] -shiny/Ivy []
-flareon/Comet[X] -shiny/Hanabi []
-espeon/Flower[X] -shiny/Neko []
-umbreon/Dusk[X] -shiny/ []
-leafeon/Blade[X] -shiny/Cristine []
-glaceon/SnowFlake[X] -shiny/Ice []

legendary dog/cats []
-Entei []
-Raikou []
-Suicune []
Leg. birds[]
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