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 Namikawa Daisuke

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Points: 1,083,242
Pass Orbs: 181

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Prize Points: 2,985
Ranking: 135
Joined: Wed. Apr. 22/09
Last seen: Sun. Dec. 14/14 (Desktop)
User group: Members
From: Hong Kong
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  • Suiky
      —Shiny Suicune

    Lv. 100

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      —Pokémon Egg

    5,120/5,120 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
    Views: 26,818
    Unique Views: 84,091
    Interactions: 27
  • Unhatched
      —Pokémon Egg

    5,120/5,120 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
    Views: 26,820
    Unique Views: 84,085
    Interactions: 25
  • Unhatched
      —Pokémon Egg

    5,120/5,120 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
    Views: 26,827
    Unique Views: 84,092
    Interactions: 25
  • Unhatched
      —Pokémon Egg

    5,120/5,120 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
    Views: 26,833
    Unique Views: 84,086
    Interactions: 26
  • Unhatched
      —Pokémon Egg

    6,400/6,400 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
    Views: 26,837
    Unique Views: 84,091
    Interactions: 29

Namikawa Daisuke's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, January 4th 2013 at 9:39 AM
I'd go to your party and click again when I have time =w=
I can drop the pokemon in my EXTRA boxes if you add me to Pal Pad & always click my party so that I remember you :]

(Wonder why all the 1-hatched shinies are legends XD)
Cresselia Suicune <3 Articuno
Unown V, Gyarados, Ampharos, Magikarp, Unown P, Mamoswine, W. Ninetales, Togekiss, Corsola, Dewgong, Raticate, Lopunny, Raichu, Uxie, Mantine, M Pachirisu *3, F Pachirisu, Delcatty, Butterfree, Furret, Linoone, Pikachu, Dodrio, Toxicroak, Rhyperior, Ninetales, Hypno, Skarmory, Seaking, Ambipom, Steelix, F. Armaldo, Umbreon, Shedinja, Swalot, Relicanth, Remoraid, Dragonair, Swanna, Golem, Garchomp, Shaymin, Tabunne, Flygon, Zangoose, F. Omastar, Chandelure, Pupitar, Lapras, Gardevoir, Porygon-Z, Luvdisc, Emolga, Farfetch'd, Rhydon, Solrock, S. Magcargo, Abomasnow, Beautifly, Ninjask, Spring Sawsbuck, Heat Cherrim, Donphan, Lunatone, S. Lugia, Glaceon, Drapion, Electivire, Jynx, Klinklang, Snorlax, Blissey, Staraptor, Zoroark, P. Mismagius, Metagross, Zorua, Mightyena, Pidgeot, Armaldo, C. Steelix, Swellow, Smeargle, Kingdra, E. Lopunny, Cloyster, Shellder, Makuhita
*hunting counter in each info page
*~~~Wish List~~~*
Arceus & Gen 5 legend eggs
More Shinies

Check my forum sign pls

*~~~About Me~~~*
Display name for my fav seiyuu
Gender: F
BD: 18/7/89
TZ: Server time plus 12hr (Hong Kong)
Shiny Ratio: 90/26,335 ~1/293
Pride Record: Get 3 Unowns from lab in 8 mins, 5 in 35 mins totally XD
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