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Journal last updated: Sunday, November 29th 2009 at 3:50 PM
4,700/30,000 shelter pass i ALWAYS click full party

You are walking and find yourself in a place where you see a luxio getting energy from lightning bolts and 2 fire type pokemon laying in a lava pool.out of nowhere you see a red&black figure you look closer and see that its a girl with black hair and black&red clothes but she looks like a gallade except the blades are red. you stare at her and wander what to do next.the girl grabbes you by the hand and pulls you to a room that has 2 eggs in it she then says: please warm these eggs I found them out in the cold abandened and i wanted to hatch,them if you warm them up ill let you ride on blackstorm and ill warm any pokemon you have too.My name is preez and i am half pokemon half human the last of my kind.

gender:female Mysteryous happily eats any thing.
level:Lv.X Description:this creature is half pokemon half human it is mysteryous and rarley speaks. its a kind and strong creature but if you are a enemy watch out for her red blades
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