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Journal last updated: Tuesday, July 21st 2015 at 3:25 PM

I love pikachus, Jack Skellington,& Kingdom Hearts!

As you walk up to the ranch you see that it slightly run down but has a sweet and soothing atmosphere, there were pokemon playing all around, many of them pichus and pikachus. As you stop to take a breath two pikachus, one male and one female, run up to you. You ask them where the owner is and they lead you to a garden full of berry bushes. In the garden you find a short girl with long brown hair who you feel cant be no more then 13 years old watering the plants. The two pikachu's climb up onto her shoulders and point in your direction and she looks. "Oh, hi. Welcome to Pokepal Ranch. I'm Christina, and no I'm actually 21 not 13." she say startling you and she laughs, "Its ok lots of people people think I'm less then 13 cause of my size. As you see we grow our berries here. I dont really have any eggs for you to warm but if you could feed the you pokemon in my ranch training pin that would be helpful. I'm working on my Earth badge." You nod saying you will and run off to go find and catch up with the pokemon with a few of the berries from the patch in your bag.

I'll try 2 click back.I'm 2hrs behind ST.
The Berries:
Aspear berry is Sour
Cheri Berry is Spicy
Chesto Berry is Dry
Pecha berry is Sweet
Rawst Berry is Bitter

Trainer Info
Lv. I'm 19 I will be 20 this July on the 11th.
Nature:caring,Loving,& funny (most like Pinkie Pie and Tigger)
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