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From: United States
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Journal last updated: Wednesday, December 6th 2017 at 4:01 AM
i shiny hunt for no reason rlly

Instagram: bunrir

Shiny Characters

Red VS. Blue

-Red Team-
Blaziken [Sarge]
Typhlosion [Simmons]
Pidgeot [Grif]
Dunsparce [Donut]
Cacturne [Lopez]

-Neutral / AI-
Lapras [Doc]
Spiritomb [Omega / O'malley]
Rotom [Sigma]
Butterfree [Theta]
Flygon [Delta]
Porygon-Z [Gamma]
Clone Blastoise [Epsilon]

-Blue Team-
Blastoise [Church]
Nidoking [Tucker]
Reuniclus [Caboose]
Umbreon [Tex]
Floatzel [Sister]

Charizard [Washington]
Metagross [Maine / Meta]
Ninetails [Wyoming]
Mightyena [York]
Glaceon [Carolina]
Politoed [Florida]

Mandibuzz [C.T.]
Cradily [South]
Swampert [North]

Shiny Hunt Log


Shiny Poochyena- 1/3 [Agent York] | Shiny Zorua- 1/224 [Fenrir] | Shiny Mienfoo- 1/147 [Jake] | Shiny Horsea- 1/44 [Eridan] | Shiny Snivy- 1/167 [Dave] | Shiny Squirtle- 1/212 [Church] | Shiny Nidoran M- 1/297 [Tucker] | Shiny Solosis- 1/187 [Caboose] | Shiny Caterpie- 1/440 [Theta] | Shiny Dunsparce- 1/463 [Donut] | Shiny Zigzagoon- 1/535 [Michael] | Shiny Eevee- 2/540 [Agent Carolina & Agent Tex] | Shiny Mareep- 1/153 [Lindsay] | Shiny Torchic- 1/94 [Sarge] | Shiny Budew- 1/64 [Ray] | Shiny Buizel- 1/521 [Sister] | Shiny Pidgey- 2/349 [Grif & EYYYYYYY] | Shiny Gastly- 1/63 [Griffon] | Shiny Poliwag- 1/11 [Agent Florida] | Shiny Vulpix- 1/246 [Agent Wyoming]
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