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Points: 302,957
Pass Orbs: 4,722

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Prize Points: 5
Ranking: 1,450
Joined: Sun. Mar. 7/10
Last seen: Sun. Aug. 9/20 (Desktop)
User group: Members
From: United States
Viewing user: phoenixdragon

  • No nickname
      —Spring Typhlosion

    Lv. 81: 1,977/16,400

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      —Fossil Cradily

    Lv. 46: 7,808/12,500

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      —Fossil Omastar

    Lv. 46: 888/12,500

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      —Fossil Anorith

    Lv. 39: 2,978/12,500

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      —Summer Piloswine

    Lv. 52: 11,461/12,500

phoenixdragon's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, April 17th 2020 at 10:12 PM
Previously DarkPhoenix2!

8,682 eggs hatched for Pokemon Trainer.

To-Do List:
Obtain all non-Very Rare, non-Mega Kalos pokemon (45/107)
...and level them all to level 100 (1/107)
Complete all explorations (46/51)
Yesterday at 1:19 PM
She evolved her Fossil Omanyte into a Fossil Omastar.
Yesterday at 10:58 AM
She evolved her Fossil Lileep into a Fossil Cradily.
Thu Aug 6 at 3:35 PM
She evolved her Summer Swinub into a Summer Piloswine.
Wed Aug 5 at 11:05 AM
She evolved her Spring Quilava into a Spring Typhlosion.
Sun Aug 2 at 11:21 AM
She evolved her Splash Bayleef into a Splash Meganium.
Sat Aug 1 at 7:05 PM
She evolved her Spring Cyndaquil into a Spring Quilava.
Tue Jul 28 at 11:44 AM
She evolved her Splash Chikorita into a Splash Bayleef.
Sat Jul 25 at 8:14 PM
She evolved her Slime Slugma into a Slime Magcargo.
Wed Jul 22 at 1:56 AM
She released 120 Pokémon.
Mon Jul 20 at 1:28 AM
She hatched her egg into a Ralts.
Mon Jul 20 at 12:01 AM
She hatched her egg into a Ralts.
Sun Jul 19 at 9:12 PM
She hatched her egg into a Ralts.
Sun Jul 19 at 2:13 PM
She hatched her egg into a Ralts.
Sun Jul 19 at 1:27 PM
She hatched her egg into a Ralts.
Sun Jul 19 at 10:51 AM
She hatched her egg into a Ralts.

phoenixdragon's Showcased Achievements

Kanto Legend (Aug 11/19)
Johto Legend (Dec 9/19)
Hoenn Legend (Feb 14/20)
Sinnoh Legend (Mar 9/20)
Unova Legend (Apr 17/20)
Kanto Master (Jan 20/18)
Johto Master (Apr 5/18)
Hoenn Master (Nov 1/18)
Sinnoh Master (May 30/19)
Unova Master (Mar 29/20)

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