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Journal last updated: Monday, January 31st 2011 at 5:46 PM
If you want to one-click, go right ahead. I'll click regardless, 'cause it's faster than being choosy and I get points. Be lazy if you want; an extra two seconds doesn't bother me any.

I can't guarantee I'll always click back quickly, if at all, because I've got crap internet at the moment. Sorry guys!

I like bananas. Bananas are good.

Novelty Checklist
Easter Buneary [x]
Charmander Clone [x]
Squirtle Clone [x]
Bulbasaur Clone [x]
Slime Slugma [x]
Crystal Onix [x]
Zergoose [x]
Dracowymsy [x]
Bidofo [x]
MissingNo. [x]
Manaphy [x]
Remorage [x]
Winter Vulpix [x]
Shellderboy [x]
Valentacool [x]
Summer Swinub [x]
Past Misdreavus [ ]
Present Drifloon [x]
Future Shuppet [x]

Corrupted Checklist:
[x] Zombiedofo
[ ] Shadow Lugia
[ ] Fake Groudon
[ ] Primal Dialga

Fossil Checklist:
[x] Omanyte
[x] Kabuto
[ ] Aerodactyl
[x] Lileep
[x] Anorith
[ ] Cranidos
[x] Shieldon
[x] Relicanth

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