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Points: 100,691
Pass Orbs: 127

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Prize Points: 13
Ranking: 9,240
Joined: Sun. May. 3/09
Last seen: Mon. Sep. 25/17 (Desktop)
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mythra's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, March 1st 2012 at 10:11 PM
At School most of the day. I only click for a couple of hours a night, the rest of the time is used up with school work.

[] Online. Random full party clicking today... If my net holds. >.<
[] Online, but idle while I do other things. Click backs slow.
[x] Offline. I need to sleep sometime.


Name: Kat
Country: NZ

One Clickers are welcome. Please click the first egg or Pokemon. Cheers.
If you click my party, I will try to click you back as soon as I get back online. Thank you to all those that click on me, I really appreciate it. I always try to full click. I've been known to miss one or two. Hey, I'm human, what can I say. I usually go back and click too.
I have a new lappy so I'm back and clicking. I am, however at school 3 days a week for 9 hours or so, so I don't click as much as I used to.

Legendaries: 16
- Raikou
- Giratina (Another Form/Origin Form)
- Darkrai
- Ho-oh
- Palkia
- Manaphy
- Cresselia
- Rayquaza
- Shiny Heatran!!
- Shaymin (Sky/Ground)
- Azelf
- Kyogre
- Latios

Novelties: 46

[x] Odd Incense
[x] Item Finder
[x] Shiny - Heatran
[x] Ditto

Random shit:
Finally got a damned Ditto!
OMGS!! Azelf Egg!!
HOMGs! Another Shiny!
Pokii Egg! Finally.
Got my first shiny and it's a Legendary. Go me.
Ooo, I'm on the most interactions list at 9th. April 8th.
mythra has no recent activity.

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