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Journal last updated: Saturday, May 24th 2014 at 4:30 PM
Pal Pad me up for the best chance of being clicked.

If you are ZetaHeart, know that you will never be better than me <3

On the hunt for a Shiny Scyther...for years now. IT HAPPENED! MARCH 26TH IT HAPPENED! THE CHOSEN ONE IS UPON US!
Following this, on 4/8/14 I released a swam of 85 Scyther into the world. Lets see how many survive find homes!
On 4/18/14 I released 282 tropius...Because I ran out of boxes to keep pokemon in in general...I did not know that was possible until this day. Released another 218 on 5/23/14

Now hunting shiny Charmander and in a Shiny Race for Tropius with ZetaHeart. One of my eggs hatched Shiny...but after being adopted by someone else :( I DONT EVEN LIKE TROPIUS AND I HAVE HAD 600 OR SO PLEASE SEND HELP
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