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Journal last updated: Sunday, April 24th 2011 at 10:45 AM
Hi there! Thanks for clicking my guys. I'll be sure to hit you back if I'm online (which is pretty much always).

Gym badges complete!

Current goal: hunting unown (badly), and the last few summonable legendaries I'm missing. hatching eggs and battling to fill in achievements.

Regarding Gamestop employee fail in obtaining a RL Jirachi:
Mousapelli i'm trying to decide whether i really will inform fail employee of the fail, but i'm hesitant because i imagine an argument will ensue during which i would have to threaten to show him my jirachi
Mousapelli just seems like that's something one shouldn't shout in public "CAUSE I'LL SHOW YOU MY JIRACHI and my octillirage HES SO ANGRY" i really need an octillirage
Jackoweskla I KNOW that needs to be a real one
Mousapelli i can just imagine him in a tiny wading pool flailing his arms over his dissatisfaction RAAAAAGE
Jackoweskla it's super effective!
Mousapelli this is the best conversation of all time

Platinum Friend code: 0603 3669 1176
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