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Journal last updated: Tuesday, June 26th 2012 at 11:29 AM
Welcome to my journal, shall we crack open a bottle of champagne?

482nd to get Corporate GPXPlus

Collect a shiny Bidoof
Shiny Meguroko/Sandile
Shiny Tentacool
Shiny Mudkip
Shiny Chinchou
Shiny Ponyta
Shiny Clone Blastoise

Finally hatched Shiny Bidoof after 435 eggs :D

Member of the 1/6 league
Member of the Achievement Association
Member of the Shimmering Competition
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Kanto Master (Jun 27/12)
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Hoenn Master (Jul 20/12)
Unova Master (Apr 23/11)
Corporate GPXPlus (Apr 30/11)
Master Clicker (Jul 20/12)
Master Battler (Jun 21/12)

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