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Journal last updated: Monday, March 28th 2011 at 3:03 AM
I'm currently away from GPX for the time being. I may return at some point but for now I won't be clicking. Sorry for any unreturned clicks.

Just a quick note about battles: I stay signed in most of the day but may be away from my computer so it's best to PM before battle to make sure I'm available. Thanks. :)

**Welcome to Malpal2's Journal**

Hello, the name's Malpal2 and thanks for taking the time to read my journal. You may know me from other sites, like ACC and Youtube, as I generally use this name whenever I can. If you know me from somewhere else be sure and drop me a line and say hello. I live in the South East US, so I'm on Server Time, but I can be somewhat of a late night clicker. I've been a Pokemon addict since I first saw the anime and soon thereafter picked up Pokemon Gold and Silver. Since then I've played all but a hand full of the games released here in the US and am eagerly awaiting Black and White.

Status: Sometimes invisible but still clicking pal pads and returning clicks at least once a day. Otherwise trying to get back into a more active clicking habit. :)

Clicking Policy: My first priority goes to click backs and pal pads, I always do full parties and revisits (when possible) regardless. I do my best to click my pal pad, and those who have added me to theirs, daily. Lately I've been making a more conscience effort to click the correct berries, but if time is short I go for the clicks instead.

Hero Achievements (Superman/male Shellderboy)
Hoenn Champion (3/8)
Egg Dex
Hatch and evolve my current Pokemon

Malpal's Most Wanted:
Future Shuppet
Zapdos - yes, yes, YES!
Primal Dialga
Fake Groudon

Well you've made it to the end, hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping and clicking! Also last but not least a big thanks to all those who have added me to their pal pads, you guys ROCK! :)
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