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Journal last updated: Friday, June 22nd 2018 at 2:44 PM
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Click all of my eggs, while your here. Clicking is good, yes?

Trainer Information!
Name: Matt
Gender: Male
Age: 24
First Pokémon: Terri (Ariados)
Signature Pokémon: Raider (Scizor)

Story: The character of Matt is an oddball. He can be intelligent when he wants to be, but he's usually your run of the mill moron. ...Quite an enigma, eh? It's a wonder he survived his journey though Sinnoh and Johto!

Presently, Matt lives in a small forest cottage a short walk from his parents' farm, after returning from his year-long journey. However even though he's not on a real journey to collect badges anymore, he still spends most of his time wandering! His favorite things to do is explore the region he lives in (a long, thin, island-region east of Unova), which has a conveniently odd and diverse array of climates nearby (how wonderful!). Matt can sometimes even find himself camping for days before returning home! The majority of the region is forests and fields of varying density, with a couple lakes and rivers, though the northern edge of the island is actually a mountainous area that even fizzles off into a small desert, and even a dormant volcano! More than anything, Matt has also taken up the hobby of collecting eggs and raising them, and generally lets all of his Pokémon roam wherever they want. Matt's parents absolutely love Pokémon, and tend to let a large amount of them live at their farm.

Current Goals:
~Get Raider to one million interactions.
~Collect all Shiny Steel-Type Pokémon.
~Collect all Shiny Mega Evolutions.
~Collect more Iron Shards to obtain a Steel Arceus.
~Improve statistic "Overall Rank".
~Click eggs and Pokémon. (NO WAY!!!)
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