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lugialvr329's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, August 12th 2010 at 6:42 PM
I'm on too many other websites to count...

Nichaling and I both RAWK! :D

Stuff About Me
~I'm 14.~
~I'm a girl.~
~I live in the USA.~

I'm Obsessed With...
~Okami for PS2~
~Kingdom Hearts (Got it memorized?)~
~Ginga Densetsu Weed~
~Wolf's Rain~
~Ouran High School Host Club~
~Fullmetal Alchemist~
~French and Japanese~
~"The Mortal Instruments" Trilogy~[/center]

Get every starter (counting Pikachu) [X]
Get a Giratina []
Evolve 100 pokemon (Currently at 53)[]

7/20/09- Got a Mew egg from the July event!
9/9/09- Found a Manaphy egg!
11/23/09- Got a Suicune from the November event!
12/19/09- Got a Ho-oh from the December event!

GPX Info

How many interactions to hatch?
2,560 EXP = 64 interactions
3,840 EXP = 96 Interactions
5,120 EXP = 128 Interactions
7,680 EXP = 192 Interactions
10,240 EXP = 256 Interactions
20,480 EXP = 512 Interactions
30,720 EXP = 768 Interactions

Aspear - Sour
Cheri - Spicy
Chesto - Dry
Pecha - Sweet
Rawst - Bitter
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