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Journal last updated: Sunday, October 4th 2009 at 1:05 PM
When you visit my party try to click full party, i always do that and when you dont whant a egg just tell me and ill get it
I also have accounts in other places with the same name.
I currently have some difficult things to do in my personal achievements so i would like help from all of you

Hey guys if u have the time and u play Shoody Battle u should go to the PokemonElite2000 server
we hold tourneys everyday and if you havent played it could be a good opportunity to do it. So if you have made your decision ill be there with the same name like here.

I started the golden Karp hunt
Just finished a mass click that started late night(always in saturday or sunday) and ill only do clickbacks in the week(weekends are for mass clicking)


oh and to one click persons please click the EGG thats more CLOSE to hatch. Only the eggs.

Also please click masterpiplup eggs he is my brother.


1.Have all the pokemons-not yet
2.all legendaries-not yet
3.10 shinies-not yet
4.hatch my first egg-COMPLETE
5.have palkia,ho-oh,scizor,garchomp,leafeon,blissey level 100-not yet
6.find Little Man-COMPLETE

And for people who have msn mine is luis.beto172@hotmail.com
you can add me and talk about whatever you like about pokemon and other stuff.
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