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 lion lindsey

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Journal last updated: Sunday, July 18th 2010 at 9:50 PM
Status: Online
If you click mine I promise I will click yours back as soon as I can.
Also click Moeheat's and Sarah2626's they will click yours back.

Evolves a pokemon [x]
Reach level one hundred [x]
Obtain a legendary [x]
Get all starters []
Egg Hatched [X]
Breed an egg []
Other goals will be added.

Thank you for clicking my eggs and hatchlings
Reasons I may not click eggs
1 One of the eggs were ready to hatch
2 Something went wrong with my connection
3 I missed one (most likely to not happen)
4 I had to stop in the middle of it and forgot later about it.

Reasons I might not be able to click back
1 I am busy
2 I didn't have time
3 I forgot
4 Same again connection
5 My computer went weird and said I was on while I was on something else.

Sometimes I may seem offline but I am on and sometimes I leave my computer on accidentally but rarely the only reason why it is on most likely is the fifth reason on the second so if I am on not clicking that might be a reason.

Thank you all that is everything. This website rocks
Thanks everyone.
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