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Journal last updated: Friday, July 31st 2015 at 3:16 AM
Dare ka na...

Happily engaged to my bff, Kalamah. <3

If you need help with Social Network achievement, send me a PM (please include a link for your party).
I remove folks from my palpad for the following reasons to keep spots open for new users who need SN:
-Have not logged on in over 2 months
-Already have SN completed and do not click back

- Lab-borns of every possible fully evolved pokemon available (does not include novelty pokemon)
- Completed Pokedex
- All achievements
- Shinys

Current Pokedex stats: (15.5.6)
- Egg dex completion: 456/460
- Pokedex completion: 937/1013
- Shiny dex completion: 234/1013
- Total shiny pokemon: 103

Pokemon needed:
-Kalos Legendaries

Mega stones in my inventory:
-Charizardite X
-Charizardite Y
-Mewtwonite X
-Mewtwonite Y

-Affinity - Malachite
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Hatching Insanity (Oct 2/12)

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