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Journal last updated: Tuesday, April 1st 2014 at 6:26 AM

Trinket trading. Please only offer trinkets I don't yet have, that is trinkets without a * after them on the trade page. Preferably one I can't find I'm green afinity. Depending on the offer I may accept one I can find if I don't have it. If the trinket you want from me is one everyone can find I'll likely accept one I can find for it. Also if I have a few of the item you want I'm more likely to accept one I can find.

Unown #14


Shinys I want (check current shiny hunt for ones I'm working on)
Porygon #2

Slime Slugma

Shinies I have got (check pokemons page for how many eggs hatched if I hadn't started shiny hunt I've put how many eggs it took)

Fastest shiny hunt not on shine recorder ariados on 1st egg
slowest shiny hunt not on shine recorder Zergoose 780 eggs

fastest shiny hunt on shine recorder Nidoking 14 eggs
slowest shiny hunt on shine recorder Houndour 600 eggs

Site Shiny hunts
Swinub won 113 eggs
Pichu won 40 eggs
Relicanth lost 221 eggs
Litwick won 527 eggs
Porygon won 326 eggs
Cherubi won 65 eggs
Zorua won 149 eggs
Vulpix won 64 eggs
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