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Journal last updated: Friday, November 18th 2011 at 5:34 AM
Valentacruel Loves You!
Working on Achievement: Rising Badge
Next Achievement: Mineral Badge
I Click full parties(pokémon & eggs)

Add me to your Pal Pad and I'll click your party on my interaction list each day
I live in Australia & my first pokemon was on Pokemon Red,
so I am a Long time Poke trainer. I got Black Version.
Have Fun, Gotta Catch 'em all
I'm log on once a day (about 4:00am site time) week days, maybe longer on weekends.
Important Notes:
"An egg that is almost white. It has markings on it that resemble cracks, but it is rather tough. It looks like it'd take a while to hatch.
The six levels for breeding are:
0 - The two Pokémon are not interested in each other in the slightest.
1 - The two Pokémon can hardly stand to even look at each other.
2 - The two Pokémon don't like each other very much.
3 - The two Pokémon seem somewhat friendly with each other.
4 - The two Pokémon get along.
5 - The two Pokémon like each other a lot.
6 - The two Pokémon love playing with each other. ( 3 eggs)
Pokemon want list:
[x]Species:Shiny Totodile Eggs Hatched: 15
[]Shiny Ghastly

To Do List
Wishing & Dreaming: Shinies:
Ponyta, Vulpix, Azurill, Numel, Venonat, Poliwag, , Corsola, Electrike, Lapras, Houndour, Ghastly, Croagunk,Trapinch, Teddiursa

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