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Journal last updated: Sunday, July 15th 2012 at 1:18 PM

I'm stuck on a crappy computer and can't have more than 2 windows open at once, so I will not be able to click-back if I get on. Sorry.

my "Clicking Policy"
~one clickers: please click the first egg
~I TRY TO RETURN ALL CLICKS, I can't always, however, and I apologies for when I can't
~usually click the right berry's unless i mix them up cause im in a hurry.


~ All [Excludes Novelty] (353/646)
~ Starters(29/45)
~ Azelf
~ Entei
~ Ditto
~ Unown A-Z (1/28)
~ Raikou
~ MissingNo. (3/4)
~ Heatran
~ Lugia
~ Shadow Lugia
~ Cresselia
~ Suicune
~ Jerachi
~ Shiny Eevee (1/8)
~ Shiny Legendary (any)
~ Shiny Miltank
~ Shiny Furret
~ Shiny Flaming Zorua
~ Past, Present, and Future pokemon (2/6)
~ All Fossil pokemon (9/17)
~ Shiny Arcanine
~ Shiny Emboar


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