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Journal last updated: Friday, July 20th 2012 at 10:33 AM

About Me

I'm just a Pokemon loving girl. I love Phanpy. I have a small obsession with owls. I like to nom on tacos. Other than Pokemon, my favorite game series is Harvest Moon. I like to draw and sprite. Please just call me Ked~


I usually do all my clicking through the mobile version, so I might not get all of your Pokemon. I'm more likely to click you if you added me to your Pal Pad. I try to click back later in the day, but I probably won't get to everyone who clicked me during the day. I most likely won't click the correct berry, since I'm basically just smashing my thumb against the screen :V


I'm currently hunting a Shiny Buneary. I have gotten five shinies here:
Cotton Candy, my Ampharos; Lightning, my Mienshao; Drifter, my Jumpluff; Caroline, my Weavile; and Digger Paws, my Drilbur


Right now, I'm trying to complete the 'The Passionate Duo' exploration. I would really like an Odd Figurine trinket, so if anyone wants to gift me one or trade, just tell me. I'm also trying to complete Scavenger Hunt tasks.

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