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Journal last updated: Friday, September 2nd 2016 at 4:36 PM
Welcome to the humble home of my beloved pokemons. Hope you enjoy the visit!

About me
-26 years old female
-From Finland (GMT 2)

Have a nice day!

28.7.09 Little man visited me! yay :D what a glorious day! First Shelter outburst and now this
1.8.09 Wow, my first event egg, Bidofo :D
2.8.09 Little man visited me second time :)
3.10.09 My very first proper event egg: Mesprit! Yaaaay!!
5.10.09 Easter bunneary from shelter and a Manaphy egg :)
9.11.09 My first treasurechest found! Inside: Griseous orb and got a Giratina!
12.02.2010 Found a silverwing from underground and succesfully summonned a Lugia! Im so happy, Lugia is my alltime favourite pokemon
23.4.2010 Happy anniversary to me! As a present i got rainbow wing and later i hatched my very first shiny pokemon! Gosh that pink dratini is lovely
5.5.10 First labrare found: Giratina :)
15.9.10 Found Rayquaza and Dialga eggs from shelter!
11.4.11 Shiny Litwick few days back and now from random shelteregg a shiny grimer! My shinies number 2 and 3 :)
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