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Journal last updated: Thursday, March 11th 2010 at 4:45 AM
iCloud's Status: ._.

||||~~~*#Part of the Clicking Coalition#*~~~||||


06/29/09 - Fully Evolved First Pokemon, Swablu - Altaria o:
07/23/09 - Record Interactions ~ 2,958
08/18/09 - huh Zergoose egg from event o.o
09/09/09 - yes, my first missing no. ^¬^
09/11/09 - Sweeet, i got a Jirachi egg ^o^, thank you event :d
11/21/09 - Yay Celebi ! :D
01/--/10 - Ah! A Ho-oh!
02/15/10 - wewt! Darkrai!


Items Appeared from Nowhere ~
~Thunder Stone

Hallo its Cloud (and im Male btw)
Cloud City will be Cloudy this morning followed by Clouds xD

One Clickers Please Click Celebi Egg :D or whatever the first egg is :P

I ALWAYS click back full parties even if i only get 1 click
but please don't take advantage of my kindness. >.> , clicking gives you points so you should be encouraged to click full in parties.
I always appreciate your effort for clicking my party wheather you're busy
or not. Thank you!
I'm sorry if i miss one, but i rarely do
it happens to all of us x.x

Oh and i am Gaia-commited member
Gaia: xRedStormx

Goals ~
Female Eevee [x] ~ 07/22/09 - 9th attempt yes!
Mawile from Lab [ ] ~
A Legendary or two [x]
Eeveelutions 5/7
Silph Scope [ ]
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