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Journal last updated: Sunday, July 19th 2020 at 7:56 PM
hiya, my name's das!
fav pkmn: yveltal + golisopod
hobbies: gaming, drawing, skateboarding
fav games: splatoon, cookie run, RE
fav bands: queens of the stone age, slipknot, SOAD
feel free to send me a PM, i love talking!

-SH Gengar SHELTER 19/02/2014
-SH Furfrou HATCHED 09/02/2019
-SH Gyrados SHELTER 12/02/2019

Future hunts:

-SH Golisopod
-SH Cofagrigus

-SH Wishiwashi
-SH Krookodile

-SH Naganadel
-SH Carracosta

-SH Tyrantum
-SH Reuniclus

-SH Skuntank
-SH Emolga

-SH Leavanny
-SH Galvantula

-SH Scolipede
-SH Decidueye

-SH Whimsicott
-SH Lycanroc

-SH Palossand
-SH Mimikyu
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