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NarcolepticPansy's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, October 22nd 2017 at 2:39 PM
I'm way too into anime. And cartoons, and superheroes. And GINTAMA!

I'll try my best to click back.

Hoping to get these shinies (eventually):
Gastly, Gulpin, Shinx
Mareep, Koffing, Scatterbug
Ponyta, Murkrow, Charmander
Magikarp, Feebas, Zorua
Gligar, Totodile, Torkoal
Slowpoke, Chatot, Rattata
Beldum, Absol, Skitty
Spiritomb, Electrike, Mudkip
Zangoose, Skarmory, Seviper
Relicanth, Aron, Cranidos
Mawile, Cubone, Drifloon
Aerodactyl, Baltoy, Pineco

Sort of rotating between shiny hunts and exploration tasks right now.

Please feel free to add me onto your pal pad. SN 7/75. PM me if you need help with SN, I'll try to add you on.
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