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Journal last updated: Saturday, September 11th 2010 at 10:14 AM

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Yay! After a long break (and I do mean long), I have returned!!!!

1-clickers please click the egg at the top!

I am a part of The League of Goodfellows

I mass click! w00t!

I will always click your full party, even if you only click one of mine. Hey, more points for me!
If I don't click everything in your party, it means either you have an egg or eggs ready to hatch, or I missed one.

Currently Breeding:

Current goals:
=All Eeveelutions [X]
=All Starters [X]
=Complete my dream team
-Charizard [X]
-Sneasel (F) [X]
-Absol [X]
-Umbreon [X]
-Espeon [X]
-Dragonair [X]
=Complete the Pokedex (minus legendaries and novelties)
=Buy the Secret Key

Legendaries I've gotten so far:
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