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Journal last updated: Monday, December 27th 2010 at 2:52 AM
[Thank you to everyone who has been clicking me.]

I got two lab eggs summoned by someone else... now if I could only get a ditto, I'd be thrilled.

Owner: Warlord1129
Location: Party
Type: Modified (F)
Nature: Stubborn (Happily eats anything)
Status: Normal
Level: 26
Maturity:1,137,087 / 1,250,000
Happiness: 200
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(9-14-09) Interactions today: 1,100
(10-13-09 New record: Interactions today: 2,200
feaien (18/18)

Yes, my boxes are in alphabetical order.... mostly

I don't care how many of my party members you click. How many I click depends on my mood. I might only click one, but I'll most likely click all of them. Why? I like points and it doesn't take very long to click all of them.

Egg Maturity: (These seem to have changed)
1,280 = 32 interactions.
2,560 = 65 interactions.
3,840 = 97 interactions.
5,120 = 129 interactions.
6,400 = 160 interactions.
7,680 = 193 interactions.
8,960 = 227 interactions.
10,240 = 256 interactions.
20,480 =488 interactions.
30,720 = 760 interactions.
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