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fdarkly's Profile

Journal last updated: Saturday, October 30th 2010 at 12:49 PM

climbing over the wall everyday...

||||~~~*#The Clicking Coalition#*~~~||||

Bulbasaur is my favourite and i really want a clone one...

Also love Croagunk, Buizel and so on...

!!!!!!I click on everything I see and I give the right berry, most of the time:)!!!!!!

I'll be glad if you add me as a pal

Location: Shanghai
Female, 20, music student
Almost online for more than 2 hours everyday

10/30/2010 crystal iwaku, palkia
8/21/2010 Uxie
8/6/2010 pokki
7/26/2010 bulbasaur clone in the shelter
7/22/2010 bicycle&shiny upaa hatched!!!
7/17/2010 Zergoose x2
7/17/2010 remorage hatched for tmchoss
7/17/2010 start a shiny race with tmchoss: upaa/rokon
7/12/2010 Remorage
7/3/2010 Lugia
6/27/2010 Heatran
6/24/2010 fake groudon
6/14/2010 DITTO!!!
6/10/2010 Shiny Deribaado
6/3/2010 root fossil
5/14-5/30 2010 4th-6th Ryuuwymsy in the shelter
5/13/2010 3rd Ryuuwymsy
5/10/2010 2nd Ryuuwymsy
5/3/2010 Ryuuwymsy
5/2/2010 Manaphy egg. Lucky!
4/18/2010 Amulet Coin
4/14/2010 Corruption Orb
4/13/2010 the old man! missing no. egg!
4/12/2010 Cresselia&Shaymin in the lab!!!lucky!!!
4/10/2010 Menokurage&Charmandar clone
4/5/2010 easter bunny&shelter pass
4/2/2010 green snail
4/1/2010 winter volpix
3/31/2010 missed three easter bunnies
3/30/2010 two extra pc boxes
3/23/2010 3rd fossil: old amber
3/21/2010 missed a Rayquaza and a Magumaggu egg in the shelter
3/20/2010 picked up a Missing no. in the shelter, while missing a Palkia and an Easter bunny...
3/17/2010 hatched my first shiny! Keeshii!
3/16/2010 found a Shellderboy egg in shelter
3/13/2010 got a Zapdos egg from March's event
3/8/2010 second fossil: claw
3/7/2010 bought a Silph Scope
3/6/2010 first fossil
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