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Journal last updated: Wednesday, February 15th 2017 at 10:18 PM
Hi~ I'm Tea. 20 years old. Nerd. Blah. Pacific Standard Time. I hug eggs. I will do my best to feed!

I'm not as new as you think. My old account, rexatar was my old one. I had an admin delete for reasons.
I'm not really here to compete, but to collect. I may battle if I think I can. But don't expect much of it.
I'm a huge fan of Pokemon. Been playing it since I was 5 years old. :3 I don't own my GameBoy versions anymore, but I have the Y version for 3DS. <3 (Need a new one though!)

If you friend me, I'll do my best to visit you everyday. :3

Pokemon hunt list:
More added soon

Other places you can find me:
DragCave: monkeyface62
Reddit: failedfetus
Skype: rainbowdragontyrion
Pokemon ShowDown: failedfetus

Notes for me:
Main boxes are for leveling, battling, etc. Includes favorite Pokemon.
Breeding boxes are for future breeding.
No Clue box is for possible evolving/leveling.
Release is for Pokemon that you don't really care for.
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